Package twitter4j.examples

Class Summary
AsyncUpdate This is a code example of Twitter4J async API.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.AsyncUpdate TwitterID TwitterPassword text
FeedMonitor FeedMonitor is a simple feed monitoring application.
FeedMonitor monitors specified feeds and reports newly posted entries to the specified Twitter account every 10 minutes.
It is possible to specify multiple configuration files.
Numeric parameter will be recognized as monitoring interverval in minutes.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.FeedMonitor [config_file_path ..] [interval(min)]

If no configuration file path is specified, FeedMonitor will look for default configuration file name - "".
The configuration file format is Java standard properties file format with following properties:
feedurl : the feed URL you want to monitor
id : Twitter id
password : Twitter password

GetDirectMessages Example application that gets recent direct messages from specified account.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.GetDirectMessages ID Password
GetTimelines Example application that gets public, user and friend timeline using specified account.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.GetTimelines ID Password
OAuthUpdate Example application that uses OAuth method to acquire access to your account.
This application illustrates how to use OAuth method with Twitter4J.
Usage: java -Dtwitter4j.oauth.consumerKey=[consumer key] -Dtwitter4j.oauth.consumerSecret=[consumer secret] twitter4j.examples.OAuthUpdate [message]
SendDirectMessage Example application that sends a message to specified Twitter-er from specified account.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.DirectMessage senderID senderPassword message recipientId
StreamingExample This is a code example of Twitter4J Streaming API support.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.StreamingExample TwitterID TwitterPassword
Update This is a code example of Twitter4J update API.
Usage: java twitter4j.examples.Update TwitterID TwitterPassword text