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Package twitter4j.http

Removed Classes and Interfaces
BASE64Encoder A utility class encodes byte array into String using Base64 encoding scheme.
HttpClient A utility class to handle HTTP request/response.
HttpClientConfiguration @author Yusuke Yamamoto - yusuke at
HttpClientWrapper HTTP Client wrapper with handy request methods, ResponseListener mechanism
HttpParameter A data class representing HTTP Post parameter
HttpRequest HTTP Request parameter object
HttpResponse A data class representing HTTP Response
HttpResponseEvent @author Andrew Hedges - andrew.hedges at
HttpResponseListener @author Andrew Hedges - andrew.hedges at

Added Classes and Interfaces
AuthorizationConfiguration A static factory class for Authorization.
AuthorizationFactory A static factory class for Authorization.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
Authorization An interface represents credentials.
BasicAuthorization An authentication implementation implements Basic authentication
NullAuthorization An interface represents credentials.
OAuthAuthorization @author Yusuke Yamamoto - yusuke at
OAuthSupport @author Yusuke Yamamoto - yusuke at
RequestToken @author Yusuke Yamamoto - yusuke at representing unauthorized Request Token which is passed to the service provider when acquiring the authorized Access Token